Meet the Viereck Family


Meet the Viereck Family: A fun loving family of four with an immense love for the outdoors. When they're not enjoying the fresh air at the farm, the can be found at the beach or snowboarding. Chris Viereck, the man behind the bright vibrant flowers, prides himself in his honest work and a simple core philosophy that with a little hardwork, fierce determination and a willingness to try to ideas, good things always follow. The beautiful result of his work is no mistake either. As a 4th generation farmer, the green thumb runs deep in the Viereck DNA. From two German immigrant families creating a new life in America, to the 21st Century, the Viereck family has been growing and selling fruits and vegetables for over a hundred years. 

Chris began helping on the farm at the early age of eleven.  He would spend his summer breaks packing fruits and vegetables with the workers and helping his father in the fields.  Over the years he developed a passion for growing tomatoes.  He started off with his own grape tomato line and graduated to highly specializing their Jersey Fresh high tunnel tomatoes.  Chris is always looking for fresh and new ideas to add to the efficiency and work product of the agricultural business.  In 2019, Chris had a bold vision to veer away from the tomatoes and take on agritainment.  He brought his vision of fields of sunflowers and tulips to his friend Keith.  Together they have worked tirelessly to share this vision with the community.   

Chris, his wife Laura, and their two daughters, together with the Dalton family, hope you enjoy the fields of beauty that their families have worked so hard to create and share.